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Yusuke (Eugene) He's 14, a belligerent big-mouth prone to violence and he hates to think too hard, but other than that, he's a pretty nice guy. Due to his training, he has become adept at using his Rei-Ki. His Rei-Ki increases dramatically when his close friends are in danger. Just as a side note, Urameshi is not a common family name. The root of his name is 'urameshii', which means spiteful or resentful. 'Urameshiya' is an ancient conventional phrase used by ghosts. Yusuke is common but the characters are not. 'Yu' is the character as in 'Yurei' [ghost trapped in the human world].

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Alfred (Kuwabara) Another 14-year-old delinquent. Incredibly, he's even dumber than Yusuke. He may big, ugly, loud and annoying but he has this HUGE soft spot for his kitten Eikichi which means he's really a nice guy. He has a great sense of humour and enjoys quarrelling with Hiei. He is also in love with Yukina, but doesn't know she is related to Hiei. He has very strong Rei-Kan which gives him a strong feel for "hunches".

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Dennis (Kurama) In reality, he is a many hundred year old demonic fox, called a youko. His name is Kurama in his fox spirit form and appears as a tall man with long silver hair, fox ears and a silver fox tail. He also has a true fox form with 7 ? tails. While trying to steal a demonic artifact, he was grievously injured by a hunter and escaped to the Human World to take refuge. He was born as Minamino Shuichi and is now a handsome, quiet, polite, studious, gentle 15 year old boy with long red hair and a bent for biology. Kurama who is cruel and heartless is basically trapped in this human body but surprisingly he has learnt about human love and sacrifice from his human mother. Kurama has the ability to create and manipulate any demonic plant with his You-Ki.

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Vincent (Hiei) Short, arrogant, aloof, cynical, sarcastic, gruff and outwardly cold. He is a fire demon who was born into an ice demon clan. He was cast out as he was considered inferior and not a real demon. He looks like a small young man with black spiky hair. Hiei can also transform into a green-skinned demon with red eyes. His Ja Gan turns purple and evil eyes appear all over his body. In this form, his power increases dramatically. One of his advantages in any battle is his amazing fleetness. As his power increased he began to practice a powerful magical black-dragon-fire attack that almost rendered his right arm useless. Hiei also stole a Ja Gan, an evil eye. It allows him to look for people who are far away. He took it to search for his kidnapped half-sister, Yukina. He won't admit it that however. He won't admit much actually.

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